Corporate IT service management architectures get more and more complex as time goes by. And, with more than 60 percent of IT issues caused by configuration problems, disciplines like IT configuration management are becoming increasingly critical in order to maintain service levels and keep all hardware and software performing at peak levels.

Configuration and Imaging Services

In order to function and meet business demands, your company can’t afford any down time. System configuration is the vital factor to your IT infrastructure. An improper configured system causes conflicts and inconsistencies within your business operations. As a result you will inherit a decrease in productivity and a loss of revenue.
Our comprehensive line of hardware, software configuration and imaging services makes it easy to get the advanced technology you require—exactly the way you need it. Our logistics can get your new equipment when and where you want it.
Omni Business Solutions has extensive experience in configuring various system platforms. Whether it’s a mobile device, cloud, or a newly installed network, we have the experience and resources to properly configure your system the first time. As a result you will avoid resource conflict problems and decrease downtime. When procuring new devices we have the capability to have your system/s preconfigured right out of the box to decrease installation deployment costs.

Benefits of Our Configuration Services

  • Avoid conflict issues
  • Decrease downtime
  • Save time with company-specific labeling
  • Make IT tasks easier and more productive
  • Simplify installations with plug-and-play capabilities
  • Award winning Pre/Post-Sales Support
  • Increases Configuration Management enablement
  • Access to our A+ and MCSE Certified Technicians


What We Offer

  • Custom hardware configuration    
  • Software installation, system imaging, and mobile provisioning
  • Product staging
  • Asset tagging—including RFID and bar code  


Custom IT Configuration Services

Omni Business Solutions custom hardware configuration services are designed to configure and integrate bundled hardware into your purchased product. Configuration services include hardware or software configuration, asset tagging, imaging and multiple software configuration, and more. These services are performed at our ISO 9001 certified lab closest to your receiving location.

Value-Added IT Configuration Services

Omni Business Solutions can assist you to develop a long-term product forecast, manage the logistics of a rollout, securely store newly purchased equipment, and custom tailor a delivery schedule that works best for your organization.

We will enhance delivery according to stakeholder EXPECTATIONS!
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