Omni Business Solutions will deploy a solution that will address your business needs. We utilize effective methodologies and automation tools to ensure a cost effective deployment, which allows us to perform many tasks with minimal disruption to your organization. In addition, it will speed up the implementation timeline and reduce deployment costs.
Omni Business Solutions IT Deployment Services are backed by a proven deployment infrastructure, ensuring that engineers with the right skills complete your installations on time and within budget. As a result, due to higher availability, your will have quicker access to your newly installed equipment and software, providing a faster return on your investment.
  • Project Management: Our industry-certified Project Managers (PMs) will serve as your single point of contact and accountability throughout the entire deployment process for a truly seamless experience.
  • Site Preparation Services: We’ll evaluate your site’s power, structure, networking and cabling environment and make any necessary changes to ensure your sites are ready for installation.
  • Staging: Our staging professionals will assemble, load, configure and test all your hardware and software – from NCR of other vendors – so it arrives on time and ready to install.

Install-Move-Add-Change (IMAC)

Install-Move-Add-Change (IMAC) services ensure that organizations can manage and control the merging of people and their assets, and proactively plan for moves and relocations during corporate change events.
Align's highly trained, certified and experienced team led by the IMAC Coordinator manages user requirements and move coordination with a smooth and graphical relocation plan. Our team executes all disconnects and reconnects, conducts user assurance testing, problem resolution and documentation generation. Our IMAC Coordinator acts as a single point of contact for all IMAC-related activities coordinating vendors and users throughout the IMAC process.

IMAC Service Overview

  • Proactively plan for moves and relocations during corporate change events
  • Manage user requirements and move coordination
  • Disconnects and reconnects, conducts user assurance testing, problem resolution and documentation gene
  • De-installation: We can de-install and dispose of your old equipment in compliance with the appropriate regulations and environmental considerations
We will DEPLOY your Solutions with less or no down time!

Financial Solutions

Any company or business that utilizes equipment for business or commercial use is eligible to lease. Omni Business Solutions goes beyond just putting its professional skills to work locating your equipment because there are definite economic advantages to Leasing, consider whether this option might benefit your business.