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Every business needs new equipment, software, and services at some point. It all gets old and outdated, nearly 80% of companies in the U.S. finance their equipment purchases. They recognize that it is more important to have and use the equipment, software, and services to remain competitive. Omni Business Solutions goes beyond just putting its professional skills to work locating your equipment because there are definite economic advantages to leasing, consider what option might benefit your business.

There are many advantages to financing. Here are the reasons we feel are most important to your customers:
  • Credit Availability
  • Conserve Working
  • Capital Flexibility
  • Budget Friendly
  • Choose Payments and Terms

Here are some additional Key Benefits:

  • 100% Financing
    Banks may require as much as 20% down on equipment purchases, while Leasing covers 100% of the equipment cost. In most cases, that can include the cost for freight, installation, and required software.
  • Tax Advantages -
    Leasing offers potential tax advantages of depreciation and interest expense with the $1.00 lease or, you may expense the monthly payment with a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease. Consult your tax advisor to determine the best option for your business.
  • Conserves Working Capital
    Equipment leasing can ease the strain on working capital. You retain available lines of credit at other financial institutions for emergency needs, current cash flow purposes, investments, and other profit generating activities. Lease payments can be structured into longer terms and lower payments to fit your budget.
  • Fixed Payments
    Unlike bank lines of credit with variable rates, lease payments are locked in. This helps with planning for other financial requirements.
  • Financing Programs
    Omni Business Solutions leasing resources has many special financing programs that are straightforward and meet your payment budget.
  • 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-Month Term
    Choose the lease term that best fits your financial plan. Our leasing division collects the first and last payments, then at the end of the lease term, you can choose a Purchase Option that works best for you.+
  • 12 + 1 = Easy Program
    Finance your solution with 13 payments over a 12-month period. Our leasing division collects the first payment with 12 monthly payments remaining.*+
  • 12-Month Easy Financing
    Finance your equipment with a 5%, 6% or 7% Participation Fee (Depending on equipment/service cost). Two payments are due at lease signing with 10 payments remaining.*+
  • 30-, 60- or 90-Day Deferred
    Choose from 30, 60 or 90 days to defer your first payment. Zero payments are due in advance. Payments begin 30, 60 or 90 days after installation.*+
  • Flexible Step Payments
    This flexible lease lets you pay $99 per month for the first six months of the lease with only one lease payment due in advance. After the six-month period, your payment will increase to a standard, fixed payment for the rest of the term.*
  • Seasonal Payments
    This program is tailored toward customers who have interrupted cash flows due to the seasonal nature of their business. Under this program, higher lease payments are made only during the months the business operates and/ or generates cash flow. Contact payments as low as $75 are required during the “off season” months.*
  • 10% Security Deposit
    Those who can afford to pay a 10% security deposit at the beginning of the agreement can take advantage of low monthly payments. At the end of the term, the customer can use the deposit to purchase the equipment, extend the agreement or return the equipment and request a refund of the deposit.
  • 10% Purchase Option
    This arrangement offers the customer a fixed purchase option at the end of the term. Upon final payment, the customer can continue to finance the equipment, return it or buy it at 10% of the original equipment cost.
  • Choosing a Purchase Option
    $1.00 Buyout: This option allows you to purchase the equipment for $1 at lease termination. In some states, the $1 buyout is not available.
  • Fair Market Value (FMV) or 10% Buyout: These options are targeted toward customers concerned with equipment obsolescence. At lease end, you can return the equipment to our leasing division, upgrade to a new lease or buy the equipment at the then FMV price or at 10% of the original equipment cost.
    (*) $1 buyout at lease end
    (†) 24+ months’ time in business required to qualify

All Programs:
  • Excludes Sales Tax
  • Minimum System Cost: $2,000
  • Minimum Monthly Payment: $75
  • Subject to credit approval by Leasing Division
  • Financing provided by leasing business partners.

Note: Omni Business Solutions does not benefit from any documentation and filing fees that are usually applied to the processing of lease documents. Such costs are strictly leasing company functions. Sales taxes are charged separately and added to your monthly lease payment each month. First and last lease payments are typically required up-front, but these are applied to your total lease payments.
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9 Reasons why you should consider LEASING

  • Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code
  • Direct Tax Expensing
  • 100% Plus Expensing
  • Proven Alternative
  • Variable Payments
  • Financial Reporting Advantages
  • Protecting Bank Lines
  • Avoiding Bank Restrictions
  • Simple and Easy!
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