Omni Business Solutions believes empowering the mobile workforce is all about giving employees anytime, global access to the information they need, without compromising IT control over security and management. From the world’s thinnest tablet to the world’s most secure and manageable business-class laptops and highest-performing mobile workstations, Omni Business Solutions offers beautiful computing options that employees are proud to carry, while still meeting IT’s goals.

Your employees expect easy, secure access to the information they need, when and where they need it, on any device they choose. While constant connectivity can significantly boost productivity, it also increases enterprise security risks and adds IT complexity. The result is a gap between IT reality and the promise of mobility.
More mobility, less hassle. Giving your team the mobile devices and support they need should be empowering—liberating even. But instead it can feel more like a burden, weighing you down with different contracts, plans and the changing needs of the users. And where is the support when you need it most?

Omni Business Solutions can bridge the gap with a mobile/BYOD solutions strategy focused on mobilizing two things- people and data. Omni Business Solutions integrates solutions across devices, management, applications and security to give your users the best tools for the job, while enabling data to move in a secure, managed and reliable way across each of your mobile use cases.

Mobile/BYOD solutions can help you:  

  • Empower your workforce to be more productive, satisfied and better able to serve customers
  • Drive business performance by unleashing employee potential
  • Enable IT control and innovation through comprehensive security and simplified management

Mobile Devices

Secure mobile devices for the future-ready workforce. Your employees have grown accustomed to on-demand access to their apps and data on easy-to-use lightweight devices, and the expectation for this experience extends into the workplace. Omni Business Solutions mobile solutions can give your employees the access they need on the devices they love to be more productive, more satisfied and better able to serve your customers. Whether you choose to deploy our secure, manageable corporate devices or enable employees to bring their own devices Omni Business Solutions innovative designs are perfect for work and personal experiences.
Omni Business Solutions line up of mobile computers also includes hand-held, vehicle-mounted and wearable form factors designed to meet mobility needs for almost any vertical, including retail, warehousing, healthcare and logistics.

Our mobile computers features:

  • Built-in electronic signature capture
  • Rugged weather-proof and disinfectant proof casings
  • Quick swap mounting of in-vehicle computers for more efficient in-vehicle to field transitions
  • 2D and imaging technology for automatic data capture
  • Built-in radio frequency ID readers for accurate up-to-the-minute asset tracking

Mobility Management

Securely manage all endpoints including PCs, tablets and smartphones regardless of whether they’re corporate-managed or employee-owned. Streamline your approach to mobile management. More than half of workers worldwide regularly use more than one device for work, which can make your mobile/BYOD management complicated. As more devices and operating systems are introduced into your organization, security and endpoint management become increasingly difficult. Simplify IT support while enabling employees to work securely using their preferred mobile devices, laptops and desktops both personally owned and corporate-issued with Omni Business Solutions integrated enterprise mobility management solutions.
Create the mobile/bring-your-own device (BYOD) work environment your employees want while still securing your enterprise data and consolidating endpoint device management for your IT team.  

Mobile Desktop Virtualization - Enable application access on any device

Omni Business Solutions Enable application access on any device with cloud client-computing. Every time your employees access corporate data with a mobile device, compliance standards are put at risk — a particularly big challenge if your industry is highly regulated. Desktop virtualization, or cloud-client computing, is the most reliable way to give your IT department control over data devices and applications because data is housed in the data center instead of the mobile device. Your employees can access their applications from any device, including bring-your-own devices (BYOD), through a single network sign-on.
Omni Business Solutions Cloud Client-Computing delivers preconfigured, pretested, partner-verified desktop virtualization solutions that can be hosted on-site or choice of many Omni Business Solutions data center options. Accelerate deployment and simplify ongoing management of desktop virtualization with integrated software, servers, storage, networking and endpoints. With our suite of professional services that includes consulting, support, implementation and management, we can be your single point of service.
Give your employees the mobile data and application access they need while simplifying the support burden for your IT team. Omni Business Solutions Cloud Client-Computing solutions create a secure, scalable, easy-to-manage virtual desktop (VDI) environment.

Mobile Security & Infrastructure

Build a secure mobile enterprise by protecting your data wherever it goes. Protect your data wherever it goes with end-to-end security. For many organizations, securing mobile/BYOD initiatives has become all about creating restrictions, which can frustrate your employees and customers and create roadblocks to growth and productivity. But it doesn’t have to be that way — get your data flowing safely where it needs to go to make business happen.
Omni Business Solutions security solutions can help your organization safeguard your data no matter what devices, use cases or mobile enablement strategies you support. Our solutions work together for stronger protection and optimal usability. We can help protect and control your data from the endpoint to the data center — securing it in transit and at rest — and guard your organization from both inside and outside threats.
Mobility/BYOD is all about opening up access to information, not installing barriers to it. Omni Business Solutions security solutions for mobility can unlock data access to users who need it while locking it down from those who don’t. Our tools help you securely manage your data, networks and user access.
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Mobile Services - Services to ease execution of your mobile strategy

Transform applications for the mobile workforce, deploy images to BYOPCs (bring-your-own PC) or assess your mobile readiness — Omni Business Solutions can help. Omni Business Solutions can ease execution of your mobile strategy. Less than half of organizations surveyed say they have a mobility strategy aligned to their business goals — do you? Omni Business Solutions Services can help you get the right mobile/Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy in place.
Solutions empowering the mobile workforce


In today’s fast-paced world, there is a universal demand for efficient communication. Selecting the right communication platform is a vital decision for your organization to stay connected and competitive. Omni Business Solutions provides telecommunication solutions and services that help resolve a variety of business challenges and pain points.