Omni Business Solutions understands the ability to connect and utilize your data is an indispensable component of every effective organization. We have the capability to help you optimize and increase the performance of your wired or wireless, LAN or WAN. We can design, deploy, and manage secure networks. Our over-all objective is to certify dependability and efficiency.

Network operability is essential to all organizations. Imperative applications like VoIP phone systems and video conferencing from the unified communications portfolio entail consistent network performance. Greater demand for video and mobility requirements consume the available bandwidth. Cloud computing and virtualization demands are ever-changing the traffic patterns dramatically. All organizations need to revisit their network design and change strategies to address the risks from these and other variables that have become part of transitional IT network environments.

Next Generation Networking

Omni Business Solutions can enable your next-generation network. Desk phones, projectors and audio-video systems are giving way to softphones and unified communications (UC) apps like Microsoft Lync and other streaming services. Enterprises can now replace nearly all wired end-user connections with faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi. By rightsizing with NGN Solutions, you can reduce wired connections, save up to 76%, and redirect this savings toward building-out your mobility infrastructure. You’ll have one set of unified access policies for wireless, wired and VPNs, and manage it all from a single platform. In the next-generation workplace, employees do not sit behind a desk with a company-issued PC and wired desk phone. Users can onboard their own smartphones and tablets and get priority treatment for business-critical apps.(Bring your own device - BYOD).

Innovative Wireless Networking

802.11ac enterprise wireless LANs (WLANs) operate at gigabit speeds and connect more devices and apps. But that’s not enough. Omni Business Solutions 802.11ac AP solutions are designed from the ground-up with unique hardware and software that improves the mobility experience of users – even if they use 802.11n devices.

Omni Business Solutions 802.11ac APs solutions offer more Wi-Fi capacity for devices that are farther away and leverage your existing wired infrastructure. They also support patented ClientMatch™ technology to eliminate sticky clients and AppRF technology to prioritize the handling of cloud apps and unified communications.

  • Controller-managed and controllerless

    Omni Business Solutions APs support a choice of operating modes to meet your unique requirements. Controller- managed APs rely on centralized network services while controllerless distributes these services across multiple Aps.

  • No sticky clients

    Omni Business Solutions technology products eliminates sticky client problems by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices to steer them to the best radio in the best AP on the wireless LAN infrastructure.

  • Faster Wi-Fi, more devices

    The next-generation mobile workplace requires Wi-Fi that’s faster and more reliable than wired. 802.11ac wireless LAN uses purpose-built hardware and technologies like explicit beamforming to maximize performance for all devices.

  • App intelligence

    Delivering reliable multimedia and real-time apps like Microsoft Lync gets tougher as more devices connect. Omni Business Solutions AppRF technology offers deep application-insight and QoS so you’re most important apps always get the treatment it deserves.

  • Apple friendly

    Apple devices don’t just connect – they thrive on Omni Business Solutions Wireless LAN Solutions. Our enterprise WLAN infrastructure adds incredible clarity to FaceTime calls, makes AirPrint and Airplay smarter, and adds VPN intelligence to iPads, iPhones and MacBooks.

Accessing your data from a mobile environment or deploying a simple network, Omni Business Solutions provides various networking services to design implement and manage a complete and cost-effective Network Solution. We define the pain points, critical business and end-user requirements. We collectively gather information, and collaborate with your team to design a solution based on your business goals!

Networking Solutions, that Grows with your business