Scanning and Barcoding

Omni Business Solutions has cutting-edge barcode scanners for best-in-class read accuracy, read ranges, and compatible software for system customization.  From disinfectant-ready housings for bedside hospital care, to rugged encasings for the most challenging warehouse environments, Omni Business Solutions has resources to build a barcode scanning system to meet your industry’s unique data collection challenges.

High-Performance Barcode Scanners and Readers

Feature-rich barcode scanners and barcode readers increase data collection accuracy and efficiency. Create a smoother retail check-out process, more accurate global asset tracking system, safer healthcare point-of-care experience or a more customer friendly delivery service process – all with our selection of scanners featuring the latest in barcode scanning technology. Omni Business Solutions is dedicated to remain educated on the latest barcode data collection and capture technology. Our sales team are dedicated to helping clients find affordable and profitable AIDC solutions for their business.

Latest in Barcode Scanner Technology

Omni Business Solutions offers dedicated barcode scanners and all-in-one scanners for 1D, 2D, GS1, QR codes and virtually all other symbologies used in vertical markets internationally. Our offered scanners are built with the needs of various industries, including retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics considerations. Let our sales team consult you on the most recent advancements in scanning and data collection, enabling you to provide the most advanced solutions to for your business.
Omni Business Solutions provide barcode scanners with industry-leading decoding times, aggressive scan performance, increased accuracy and low “no-read” rates. Our inventory includes an array of barcode scanner technologies and form factors, including:

  • Fixed-mount / presentation scanners
  • Hand-held / portable scanners
  • Industrial / rugged scanners
  • Laser scanners
  • Area imagers
  • 1D and 2D scanners
  • Wireless / mobile scanners

Fixed Mount

Fixed-mount barcode scanners deliver next-generation imaging technology and improved first pass scan accuracy for maximized uptime. Perfect for mid to high-volume POS applications, these aggressive fixed-mount barcode scanners feature compact designs for reduced footprints, robust auxiliary and USB.


Regardless of the application, Omni Business Solutions has the scanner for you to support a multitude a barcodes including linear, stacked, 2D datamatrix, postal and PDF417. Our offerings even include barcode scanners that accurately read mobile phone barcode symbologies.


High-performance presentation barcode scanners enable increased barcode reading accuracy and faster first pass scanning success via omni-directional scanning patterns, illumination systems for mobile barcode scanning and high motion tolerance technology. Aggressive imaging effectively parses linear

Professional, Rugged Barcode Scanning Systems

Omni Business Solutions inventory stocks the best barcode scanner brands. From the check-out counter to the warehouse, we can recommend the best specialty barcode scanner systems for business-critical missions. Omni Business Solutions maintains a full-range of barcode scanners for any application and environment: 
  • Fixed position and in-counter scanners for hands-free, high-volume scanning applications. Perfect for retail.
  • Industrial and rugged scanners with rubberized encasings for rigorous warehouse and field applications.
  • Healthcare scanners featuring disinfectant-ready housings for hospital point-of-care data collection and specimen tracking.
  • Ergonomic hand-held scanners that can be easily maneuvered to scan odd-shaped items or hard-to-reach barcodes.
  • Wireless scanners with optimized connectivity to enable employee mobility.

Barcode Software

Easily manage scanning hardware and customize scanner configurations with compatible scanning software. Barcode scanning software allows IT administrators to remotely troubleshoot, update operating systems and configure barcode scanner devices.
We Have Latest Barcode Scanner Technology