Service Desk

Traditional IT Help-Desks are inadequate to keep pace with today’s growing business demands. Many IT departments have flat or decreasing budgets, and are under pressure to do more with less. To add further hurdles, new requirements for IT governance and risk management, as well as the need to effortlessly integrate tools and applications into business while technology evolves.

Omni Business Solutions can address these and more challenges head on. We develop solutions for IT departments to enable them to speedily respond to end-user needs and proactively intercept problems before they impact the entire organization. IT organizations can move away from a reactive help-desk ticketing model to a more proactive, service-oriented management vehicle. Our Service Desk solution improves the level of IT complexity within an organization, enabling advanced agility and better alignment between IT and overall business strategy.

Omni Business Solutions IT life-cycle management approach automates processes, increases support for IT and business service requests, improves accessibility and service levels. Most of all, it decreases the cost of help-desk support. Below is an example of the characteristics and functionality of our Service Desk. All models will be customized to specific organization requirements.

Our service delivery models are based upon the ITIL framework.

Omni Business Solutions processes and Network Monitoring Services are highly integrated. Our Service Desk agents and probes have access to technology, information that work in synchronization to enhance your support processes. Omni Business Solutions call management system and enterprise management tools are integrated to ensure that the Service Desk is instantly alerted of the status of all systems monitored. We provide extensive reporting across all services, for internal use to improve your organization in the areas of training, hardware and software deployment and service delivery

Omni Business Solutions will decrease your Service Desk Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Omni Business Solutions Service Desk delivery models provide a single point of contact and ownership. Service response can be customized to meet your specific needs through your SLA. All calls and incidents are ticketed, assigned, routed, recorded, monitored and updated using our Network Monitoring Services. We also provide self-service tracking and automated customer satisfaction surveys to provide service status and direct feedback as additional tools and external information. All working together to decrease your TCO!

Delivering ITIL Standards & Industry Best Practices
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