The ongoing challenges to adapt to emerging technologies coupled with inflexible IT, minimal scalability and increasing management costs restrict an organization’s ability to innovate and grow. How can your IT teams implement new technologies when they are under immense pressure to reduce costs, enhance service and availability and boost efficiencies? You need a partner who can help you align your IT functions with overall business goals.



Infrastructure Managed Services - World-class expertise, tools, automation, best practices

Is your IT infrastructure as responsive as your business needs it to be? Are you spending too much time countering problems rather than concentrating on the future?

The foundational differentiator of Omni Business Solutions Infrastructure Managed Services is our Small Medium & Enterprise (SME) Service Management and Automation strategy, which allows you to take optimal advantage of a business-led, service-centric approach to IT management. We also integrate the delivery and overall management of diverse IT infrastructures through our scalable Enterprise Tools and Integration model to simplify operations, provide a single point of accountability and deliver a completely business-aligned IT.  Our goal is to increase agility and scalability, and enable an environment of innovation and continuous improvement to demonstrate the true value of IT for your business.

Agile IT infrastructure

Omni Business Solutions Managed Services cut costs and boost efficiency through technological innovation and a focus on high-quality service design. By combining Omni Business Solutions unique approach to lean methods and benefits realization, we are able to build a road map with you to optimize IT infrastructure, operations and premises. Then we link this roadmap to clearly defined business benefits that can be tracked throughout the life of the contract. We consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize systems utilizing appropriate cloud services and customer-owned IT to create and deliver efficient, low-cost, flexible IT around the world.

Our Managed Infrastructure Services include:

  • Compliance
  • Service Desk
  • Data Center Services
  • End User Services
  • Enhance your monitoring and management capabilities
  • Network Services
  • Communication Services
  • Technical and Maintenance Services


Why choose Omni Business Solutions for managed infrastructure services?

  • Global reach enables us to deliver IT services and resources to any continent and is reinforced by one of many the largest global IT infrastructures.
  • Global Delivery Centers support our customers in more than 41 languages and with a local presence in 70 countries.
  • Ability to manage infrastructures for customers around the world and provide the assurance that, with Omni Business Solutions, their IT operations can receive the attention to service quality consistency and security they require, where ever they might be located.
  • Operational delivery processes are ITIL compliant. Our global data centers are designed and operated to Uptime Institute standards (mostly Tier III), with secure operations conform to ISO27001 as well as to various national government standards.
  • Pedigree and global partnerships ensures that we retain leading edge innovative services to support your organizations unique and complex IT challenges.
  • Omni Business Solutions Infrastructure Managed Services will maintain and enhance your IT environment, so you can free up in-house staff to focus on core business and pursue innovation.

Managed Print Services

By utilizing the right tools, methodologies, and hardware we can reduce the cost impact of your printer fleet, streamline your operations, and help you save money. Omni Business Solutions Managed Print Solutions portfolio is a medley of the best services available to meet your output strategy and needs across your organization.  We utilize established relationships and capability to provide high-quality solutions that balance your print output needs.

Managed Print Services Portfolio

Omni Business Solutions portfolio considers the financial and technical impact of your printers by:
  • Examining your entire process and evaluates how changes would impact your staff
  • Values your input and assists in a positive change management experience
Omni Business Solutions will examine vital areas of your business and provide measurable results concerning:
  • Cost management and control
  • Impact on information technology and device availability
  • Sustainable print infrastructure and energy consumption
  • Workflow and employee productivity
  • Security and compliance
Our customized, progressive program offers long term value, on-going analysis, and continuous improvement.  Providing optimal savings and performance to improve and align your document-related processes, applications, and needs.
Are you spending too much time countering problems
rather than concentrating on the future?
Contact us to get effective and efficient Support Services for your organization.